Saturday, 31 October 2015

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Friday, 24 July 2015

Eid Mubarak Lovelies!!!

Hey guys, wassup!!! So it’s almost the end of July and clearing is well under way. I have made two offers and also been made Senior, Whoop!! Party it up!! (With the partying comes a huge amount of responsibilities). But that will be discussed a bit later on

So as you lot probably know by now, Ramadan is over and Eid occurred. One of my best Eid so far, with 2 days of fun!! (Eid is normally meant to be celebrated for 3 days, but it is dependent on you how long you want to celebrate for, up to the 3 days). So I did my usual routine on day one. Get up early in the morning wear my traditional Eid clothes. Then went to do my morning prayer known as fajr in the mosque and this time I dragged my dad along, (He never wakes up early so it was a miracle!!!!) After we waited an hour in the mosque and then did the Eid prayer. After went round families and stayed there for the lunch and dinner, that day was amazing with biryani, chicken, salad, potatoes. Everything I would want. YUMMY!!!!

The next day came and this day I spent with my friends. We only did something small together, which was shisha, I enjoy a lot of shisha, as you guys have probably figured out by now if you've been following my adventures. We had a lovely meal as well - chicken steak for me. I also tried to do something different, so I tried the CANDY CRUSH SLUSHIE PUPPY AND TRUST ME IT WAS LOVELY!!!.

But then it was Sunday and I slept for the day, because I was too tired!! I also got myself an Eid treat, Ralph Lauren Polo Red aftershave and matching bag.

Now as I said it is end of the July and close to main clearing, so anyone who is waiting for results, do not worry, you will be fine! If you do not achieve your expected grades, there are always other options.

Anyone who is interested in applying and already hold their qualifications, register with UCAS as soon as possible and call us on 020 8331 9000 and make a clearing application!

Til the next time!

Ahmed :)

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Ten most Annoying FIFA players Online

Hi guys so apart from doing shisha, going out, having chicken, and working during my holidays I also am a gamer, but the best game I love playing with ragers content is FIFA!!! And as the title suggests, this blog is the ten most annoying FIFA players online. At least in my opinion, anyway.

Number 10: Rage Quitters
Okay so let’s set the scene. You are 25 minutes into the game and you are leading 1-0 against your opponent. You make a beautiful run down the wing and then cross it into the box and then pat it down for your striker to smash it in, and you celebrate. But then you lose connection, yes that is an example of a rage quit. It just disappoints you when you could have won with honour and glory and destroyed your opponent too maybe.
Oh man!
Number 9: Sore Losers
So you have had an honourable game, and the game has been going back and forth, however no holds barred tackles are flying in and your Ronaldo/Messi is being blocked around and out-muscled. Then on the 80th minute you come take a last ditch attempt and score a wonderful goal which took at least 20 passes or more. Then you win the game. Not a sore loser? Just you wait until you get an inbox with all the swearing and cusses you can find on this planet just because you won a football match online. Well that’s what happens.
We all know one.
Number 8: The Pausers
These are a pain. They pause the game for around 30 seconds or 60 seconds, and then come back hoping to get an advantage or ending up quitting. Why? What do they get? Nothing! Just the satisfaction of being able to quickly get away from your defender when going in for a crunching slide tackle or that you, their opponent, do not get to celebrate a glorious win.
Number 7: The Laggers
These people are, for the majority of the time, playing on a PC, and their specs are rubbish. Therefore they cannot keep up with your PS3 or Xbox, and slow the game down so when you go into a "in the box challenge" you miss the ball and take down the player resulting in them having a penalty. Yup. The feeling of anguish comes right there. To make it worse you get a red card and then you RAGE QUIT.
Number 6: Headset Users
Now honestly headset users I do not mind you using them, however if you are using them please do not hurl abuse at the person on the other end of the match. Or scream down your headset blowing up the speakers of my TV!!!!
Please move the mic away from your face.

So we are half way there and it is going to get more intense so if you get angry easily or have experience of all of these things, then I would advise walking away right now.

Number 5: The Non-skippers
They replay everything, or do not skip anything. They choose to listen to the whole generic national anthem when playing a match. They listen to the club anthems. But to top it off they replay every goal they score whether it be the worst of the worst goals, which is not even good enough to enjoy or admire (Yes I mean penalties). Or even the pass across the box.
Number 4: The Skillers
These are the people who think they are the best players in the world, doing step overs, and when you give them a crunching tackle, while praying you don’t get their player, you get the ball and then score. Then they rage quit. Yes these are humans that exist. (Refer to number 10 for opinion on rage quitters).
At least one of them was kind enough to keep a record...
Now we are in the top 3 If you haven’t raged round about right now, hats off to you. But these three will annoy the life out of you.

Number 3: The Stingy Players
These players are players who score a wonderful goal you admire and look to comeback and then you are 4-1 down with ten minutes to go. You know you have truly lost but you put in some counter charges and bring back a couple of goals and get it back 4-3 with 5 minutes to go, and what happens he passes around his defence making you run like a fool -.-. and then you lose and get relegated. Yes, these people exist.
And the moral of the story is... Watch more tutorials?
Number 2: The Box Passers
These people run down the wing, make an amazing run and then they have an accomplice with them who is running at full pelt and then your keeper comes out to make sure the runner doesn’t cross the ball. What happens, he passes it to the accomplice and smashes it into the empty net. Yes these people are annoying!!! (To be honest I do this all the time it’s more fun).
Number 1: Okay here is number 1. The worst of the worst. They are the bane of all FIFA players online and you would rather have them not exist on the planet. These are the MESSALDOS. These players steal victories with either Ronaldo, who is a pain, or Messi, also the best player in the world, and they always, always, run down the wings with this. They either do a trick skill (Messi) or the Ronaldo Chop (Ronaldo) and then score a goal. Then you are forced to become a number 10 unfortunately.
But that is it for now the top ten most annoying players, if you have any more ideas or think I’ve missed out some add it to the comments below :D.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Ramadhan :D!

Hey guys what’s up!!!

So in 2 days’ time it will be Ramadhan and that means I will be fasting for 30 days in a row! Well everyone knows that Muslims are expected to fast during this month.  However the month of Ramadhan has a lot more to it than just not eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset for 29-30 days (yes we fast depending on the moon and when it is seen so if seen on fast 29 then we do not keep 30 fasts).

So you must be wondering what Ramadhan is about? In simple terms Ramadhan is about being a better human. In this month we try to control everything that could make as mean and angry and, well, horrible humans. We try not to swear and have a lot of patience; We try to keep away from anything that is bad for our health and that has been classed as makruh (meaning disliked). This is a month of change, where a lot of things do change. 

Also this month is about humility, ibadah (meaning obedience in servitude to Allah), that will happen by increasing praying to 5 times a day and reading a chapter of the Quran every day for that whole month. Also we learn about humbling ourselves and having gratitude to Allah for the luxuries we have.

Now people always say to me “don’t you lose weight?” and “don’t you feel tired?” or “if you are on the brink of collapsing can you not break your fast?” That is not true. Fasting is only allowed if you are fit and healthy. Any sign of your health deteriorating means that you will have to break the fast.
Also you do not lose weight, you actually put it on a bit because you over eat for the preparation for the next day.

But that’s it for now so going to prepare for Ramadhan see you guys later!!

PS. Tip if you are looking to fast make sure you have yogurt before you close your fast and also make sure you don’t over eat, because it will be harder in the following day trust me I should know :P.

Friday, 29 May 2015


WhatsUp guys!!! 

So yeah this month has been busy with birthdays, birthdays everywhere. But, there was only two birthdays which were more important to me than anyone else’s this month. That was two of my best friends Zuruk (Zuruqanain) and also Taz (Tasleem). These two have been my best friends and well, my family, since I met them in secondary school; Zuruk in Year 7 and then Taz in year 9.

Zuruks birthday weekend was hectic. On Friday I had come home from work and I had to go out to see a few old college friends to say whats up and have a good catch up. Then on Saturday, I had to clean the house and go out to see family and do some shopping for the following day which was Sunday, and that meant PPV night :D. We all are extreme WWE fans never miss a show or PPV. So they came round on Sunday night and we had Pizza. After at 12 O’clock we cut Zuruks birthday cake and I tell you it was amazing and we started watching the PPV. Let’s say it was an all-nighter.  and the next day we went to Needoos and oh god was the food spicy but perfect (YUMMYY!!!).

The following weekend came Tasleem's birthday. This time it was less hectic (maybe because I wasn’t organizing it as much) yet still had a hectic day running around. 

On Wednesday my new baby cousin was born so I had to go see him. He is SOOOO CUTEE!!! And even better, they are giving him the same name as me; Ahmed. So that means double trouble :D. However, on that Sunday we went to Maedah grill in Bethnal Green and well the food was nice, a bit to oily, but still nice. Then we cut some cake and have a bit of halal champagne (Non-Alcoholic) and then we just came back home. However, we still had a lot of fun.

But now I got to prepare for one last person’s birthday; the most important friend I could find. Therefore, I am going to try my hardest to make her birthday special. 

Thursday, 28 May 2015


Hey Guysss!!!!

Hope you’re all well. So as you can see from the title I am all done from everything. I am stress free and now I can relax and have fun, which I have been doing for a while. (My fun includes sleeping and eating CAKEE!!)

However this blog is a bit different. It's going to be a summer wish list on what I am looking to do over the summer and what I am going to let you know.

Firstly, June is going to be my best friend’s birthday, so it is going to be one of the best days I can think of and the start of my summer plans with PAINTBALL!!!. We are going to go Mayhem paintball followed up with food and some CAKEE. So fun!!!!.

Secondly it’s Ramadhan so that means kebabs, Samosas and CHIKUNN!!! Yes the love of my life, during that month is a time of change. People mainly know it for Muslims not eating and drinking anything from sunrise to sunset. However, it isn’t just about that. It's soul searching and changing yourself for the better and being grateful for what you have. (I’ll explain more about it later on in time).

Thirdly after a month of fasting, I will be enjoying everything with a shisha catch-up in our local lounge, Lost Asia, with lovely food; Biryani and of course as said... SHISHAA!!!. Also I’ll be looking to go for a weekend trip away to somewhere in UK to relax and have a break with my best friends.

Finally before the start of the third year and the final year of stress I will be going to Thorpe Park or a theme park, to end which I hope will be a good end to an eventful year and summer. And a good start to a stressful one.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Mind Maps

Hey guys today’s blog is going to be a different instead of me ranting about exams and coursework and just general Uni life. I am going to talk about Mind maps aka spider diagrams and brain storms. Now why mind maps?
Have you ever felt that you feel like you don’t understand straight forward instructions or plans, or find that plans are just too boring and you need a bit of chaos in your life with your plans instead of general linear plans and get bored easily well mind maps is for you?
A few months back my life was chaos and I always thought put it in a linear way and it will be fine. Well let’s say linear methods actually made it more of a chaos, instead of sorting the problem out. So I had my monthly meeting with my supervisor, and well she gave me the idea of mind maps. Originally I thought mind maps had to be neat and colourful and well linear chaos. However when my supervisor showed me her form of a mind map - it was amazing, it was chaotic yet organized and for once it was not neat. It was personal.

Now it has honestly changed my life whatever I remember or whatever I know is put on a mind map so I can remind myself of what I need to do. I recently used it in my exam, it was the best thing I could do as I didn’t go astray from my topic I focused on a single argument and used that argument in various ways.

Therefore a tip from me -  if you don’t like linear or boring ways of planning then I would advise using a mind map as it will be organized chaos and it will make your life easier. But everyone thinks in different ways so use what is perfect for you and do not worry if one technique doesn’t work use a different technique as you might find something that works for you and share it, as it could help other people as well.