Wednesday, 4 March 2015

I’m Sorry!!

Hey guys, hope you all are well!! Firstly I am going to apologize for the lack of blogs I’ve been uploading and writing! From now on I will try and catch up with the blogs as now the pressure has been relaxed where my coursework has been taken control of!!

Okay so I got a huge amount of information for you guys!! So I shall begin from the start of the New Year ----- I have passed my driving test JJJ, meaning I can finally drive without anyone stopping meee yeeyyy!! Well that’s what anyone would think, however that is not the case. For now I need to save up as the car I have found is for £500, you must be thinking that’s a decent price to buy it, however for the cost of the car is a total £5,000 that includes insurance, fuel, and road tax. So I have to wait a few years before I am able to drive.

Second thing I have to tell you is about my birthday which was back in January. It was an amazing day and I loved it every moment of it. In the morning it was a bit of a normal day felt like my teen years were over as I turned 20 however I had an amazing evening and I felt like a teenager again as I went out with a few friends to my local restaurant/shisha bar. Well that wasn’t the original plan as I was thinking of going Al Souks which is a Lebanese restaurant and then following that up by going to a shisha lounge in Gants Hill which is known as Vapours. But as always I never stick to my plans and that day I wasn’t bothered going too far so I went out to my local lounge with a few close friends.

Check out my video clip:

 And here are some pics from the night:

Thirdly from last month my life has been hectic education wise, doing podcasts and preparing for my final essays! That was a hell. Last week I felt like giving up however I didn’t and now I’m back in control. On the weekend I finished a 2,500 word essay! Now I’m half way through my second essay which is 3000 words however I have 2 essays left to start, one is a normal essay and that is 3000 words as well. But I have a 4,000 word essay due today and that is a research essay meaning google and me are going to become best of friends :P

Advice *Panicking is natural and you will panic no matter what, if you don’t hats off to you, however if you go through panicking, the best thing to do is calm down! Don’t let your mind take control but you need to take control, once that is done start the coursework or face the situation head on. Remember to talk about it to somebody as you are not alone in this situation. There will be many of your classmates saying ‘I’m stressed’, ‘I want to give up’ and several other negative comments. Finally find a positive and think about that then hopefully you should be fine*

Anyway I’m off to carry on with essays so I should be giving you a shout, and a little snippet of what may come up is best friend’s birthday, the Cricket World cup and Haven. Hopefully my essays should be finished by then :D