Thursday, 18 December 2014

5 Tips on how to Travel in London

Hey guys today I am going to do something different to my usual blogs. Usually in London there are certain etiquettes required to travel on buses, tubes and trains and they should be consider otherwise you get a lot of disappointed looks and angry people. So I am going to give quick 5 tips on how to travel and commute in the Capital.

Tip 1: Let passengers get off first.

When travelling on the Tube, DLR, or the overground you need to let passengers get off first, as the driver will not leave you behind he has a mirror to look into to make sure everyone is safely on so do not rush. Also it is a timesaver instead of barging through if you wait those few seconds it could avoid an argument allowing you to save time.

Tip 2: Wear Headphones if you want to listen to music.

On any form of public transport in London, if you want to listen to music please use your headphones no one wants to hear Eminem or 50 cent or any bhangra blasting from your phone it is rude and also people might have a headache so you might want to be courteous and use your headphones.

Tip 3: Give Priority to certain individuals.

When on the bus or train or DLR there is always priority seats for certain individuals please give them these seats as it makes the journey more pleasant for them, and also it makes the journey less painful for others as they don’t have to wait if there is an argument.

Tip 4: Do not block the escalators.

When on the escalators it is an etiquette to stand on the right (It says it there) so people
who are in a rush for anything can walk up the left hand side of the escalators, making it easier for everyone to get along and have a lovely time travelling in London.

Tip 5: Oyster Cards.

In London to travel you need an oyster card but sometimes there are those certain individuals who will hold up the bus because they haven’t topped up their oyster or they have an invalid oyster card. So my best Advice is to TOP IT UP before you leave otherwise it’ll annoy people and also annoy you as you will have to pay a fine.

And that is it for now, these tips are there to help you commute and I hope you have learnt quite a bit on London’s travel etiquettes.

Oh yeah I forgot to say all my coursework is done and now I am completely free, next Monday I finish work for the Christmas, and I shall be back in January

Take Care Guys

Peace!! :D

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Freedom, Shisha and CHICKEN!

Hey guys, good news I am Free! All my assignments are done and now I am just looking forward to the Christmas holidays where I am able to relax and enjoy the break; however as a Uni student I still have to do a few days of work therefore Christmas holidays mean few books and journals to go over but on top of that I will need to start preparing for my 20th which is on Christmas day :D.

My plan is to go laser tag and then have a nice evening out with a few close friends, having a nice meal and doing some shisha, (I love my shisha and chicken).  In the past 3 weeks I have been going to various shisha places to find the best one for my birthday and I think I have found one which is in Leyton a 10-20 minute bus journey from Stratford, and a five minute journey via train from Stratford. To be honest this isn’t for my birthday I just love my shisha so I go for the fun of it.

As you know I had 4 assignments due last time I blogged, and I have received my feedback from all of them, and I ended up with a 2:1, 2:2, 2:2 and a 3rd. 3 of the four grades I am happy with however the 3rd I am not. Nevertheless I have received my feedback and it just means that I have to slow down to get the best grade possible, even though I have a 3rd I know I can do better and this has woken me up for time management.

I am resuming my driving soon as I am free and my test is around the corner, this time I am not nervous as I know what is expected of me to pass and this time I am going to tick all the boxes and PASS!!.

That’s it from me for now as I am going to get some sleep which is required round about right now.

PS. As a treat I’ve got the new Assassins creed Game and it is AMAZING!!!