Friday, 29 May 2015


WhatsUp guys!!! 

So yeah this month has been busy with birthdays, birthdays everywhere. But, there was only two birthdays which were more important to me than anyone else’s this month. That was two of my best friends Zuruk (Zuruqanain) and also Taz (Tasleem). These two have been my best friends and well, my family, since I met them in secondary school; Zuruk in Year 7 and then Taz in year 9.

Zuruks birthday weekend was hectic. On Friday I had come home from work and I had to go out to see a few old college friends to say whats up and have a good catch up. Then on Saturday, I had to clean the house and go out to see family and do some shopping for the following day which was Sunday, and that meant PPV night :D. We all are extreme WWE fans never miss a show or PPV. So they came round on Sunday night and we had Pizza. After at 12 O’clock we cut Zuruks birthday cake and I tell you it was amazing and we started watching the PPV. Let’s say it was an all-nighter.  and the next day we went to Needoos and oh god was the food spicy but perfect (YUMMYY!!!).

The following weekend came Tasleem's birthday. This time it was less hectic (maybe because I wasn’t organizing it as much) yet still had a hectic day running around. 

On Wednesday my new baby cousin was born so I had to go see him. He is SOOOO CUTEE!!! And even better, they are giving him the same name as me; Ahmed. So that means double trouble :D. However, on that Sunday we went to Maedah grill in Bethnal Green and well the food was nice, a bit to oily, but still nice. Then we cut some cake and have a bit of halal champagne (Non-Alcoholic) and then we just came back home. However, we still had a lot of fun.

But now I got to prepare for one last person’s birthday; the most important friend I could find. Therefore, I am going to try my hardest to make her birthday special. 

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