Monday, 15 June 2015

Ramadhan :D!

Hey guys what’s up!!!

So in 2 days’ time it will be Ramadhan and that means I will be fasting for 30 days in a row! Well everyone knows that Muslims are expected to fast during this month.  However the month of Ramadhan has a lot more to it than just not eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset for 29-30 days (yes we fast depending on the moon and when it is seen so if seen on fast 29 then we do not keep 30 fasts).

So you must be wondering what Ramadhan is about? In simple terms Ramadhan is about being a better human. In this month we try to control everything that could make as mean and angry and, well, horrible humans. We try not to swear and have a lot of patience; We try to keep away from anything that is bad for our health and that has been classed as makruh (meaning disliked). This is a month of change, where a lot of things do change. 

Also this month is about humility, ibadah (meaning obedience in servitude to Allah), that will happen by increasing praying to 5 times a day and reading a chapter of the Quran every day for that whole month. Also we learn about humbling ourselves and having gratitude to Allah for the luxuries we have.

Now people always say to me “don’t you lose weight?” and “don’t you feel tired?” or “if you are on the brink of collapsing can you not break your fast?” That is not true. Fasting is only allowed if you are fit and healthy. Any sign of your health deteriorating means that you will have to break the fast.
Also you do not lose weight, you actually put it on a bit because you over eat for the preparation for the next day.

But that’s it for now so going to prepare for Ramadhan see you guys later!!

PS. Tip if you are looking to fast make sure you have yogurt before you close your fast and also make sure you don’t over eat, because it will be harder in the following day trust me I should know :P.

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