Thursday, 30 April 2015

Mind Maps

Hey guys today’s blog is going to be a different instead of me ranting about exams and coursework and just general Uni life. I am going to talk about Mind maps aka spider diagrams and brain storms. Now why mind maps?
Have you ever felt that you feel like you don’t understand straight forward instructions or plans, or find that plans are just too boring and you need a bit of chaos in your life with your plans instead of general linear plans and get bored easily well mind maps is for you?
A few months back my life was chaos and I always thought put it in a linear way and it will be fine. Well let’s say linear methods actually made it more of a chaos, instead of sorting the problem out. So I had my monthly meeting with my supervisor, and well she gave me the idea of mind maps. Originally I thought mind maps had to be neat and colourful and well linear chaos. However when my supervisor showed me her form of a mind map - it was amazing, it was chaotic yet organized and for once it was not neat. It was personal.

Now it has honestly changed my life whatever I remember or whatever I know is put on a mind map so I can remind myself of what I need to do. I recently used it in my exam, it was the best thing I could do as I didn’t go astray from my topic I focused on a single argument and used that argument in various ways.

Therefore a tip from me -  if you don’t like linear or boring ways of planning then I would advise using a mind map as it will be organized chaos and it will make your life easier. But everyone thinks in different ways so use what is perfect for you and do not worry if one technique doesn’t work use a different technique as you might find something that works for you and share it, as it could help other people as well.

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